• Backdoor Attacks in the Supply Chain of Masked Image Modeling
    Xinyue Shen, Xinlei He, Zheng Li, Yun Shen, Michael Backes, Yang Zhang

  • On Xing Tian and the Perseverance of Anti-China Sentiment Online
    Xinyue Shen, Xinlei He, Michael Backes, Jeremy Blackburn, Savvas Zannettou, Yang Zhang
    In International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM 2022) [pdf] [arxiv] [slides]

  • Evil Under the Sun: Understanding and Discovering Attacks on Ethereum Decentralized Applications
    Liya Su, Xinyue Shen(co-first author), Xiangyu Du, Xiaojing Liao, XiaoFeng Wang, Luyi Xing, Baoxu Liu
    In USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 2021) [pdf] [slides]


  • Solving The Last Mile Problem Between Machine Learning and Security Operations
    Xiangyu Liu, Xinyue Shen
    Hack In The Box Conference (HITBConf 2018) [pdf] [link]

Pop-science & Novels

Also, as a sci-fiction writer, I am grateful for the opportunity to meet you via following stories.

  • Real and Fake Process. Exploration Discovery, 2022.12.
  • The Adventures on Hard Disk Island. Exploration Discovery, 2022.11.
  • The Data Cable Is the Tunnel and Bluetooth Is the Ferry. Exploration Discovery, 2022.10.
  • Is Artificial Intelligence a “Tower”? Science Fiction World (Youth), 2022.09.
  • Where Is the Hard Drive? Exploration Discovery, 2022.09.
  • How We Communicate With Life on Earth. CDSTM, 2022.08.
  • CPU: A Math Genius With Goldfish-Style Memory. Exploration Discovery, 2022.08.
  • Encounter With the Process. Exploration Discovery, 2022.07.
  • The Secrets Behind Sports Games. Science Fiction World (Youth), 2022.07.
  • Wake Up, Apps! Exploration Discovery, 2022.06.
  • Help! I Fell Into the Computer. Exploration Discovery, 2022.05.
  • Newcomers, Careful. Science Fiction World (Youth), 2022.05.
  • “Magic” Electronics. Science Fiction World (Youth), 2022.03.
  • Empty Yellow Crane Tower Here. The EELISA Science Fiction Contest, Chinese-Language Category Winner, 2022.02.
  • Omnipotent “Little Ear”. Science Fiction World (Youth), 2022.01.
  • When Trojan Virus Meets Military Training. Exploration Discovery, 2022.01-02.
  • Anti-Flood Action on the Internet. Science Fiction World (Youth), 2021.10.
  • A Hijacked DNS Tree. Science Fiction World (Youth), 2021.09.
  • Be a Postman in Cyberspace. Science Fiction World (Youth), 2021.08.
  • A War in Computer Castle. Science Fiction World (Youth), 2021.07.
  • Double Hacker: The Darling of Cyberpunk. Science Fiction Cube, 2021.05.
  • Lady White Bone. The Ninth “Light-Year” Award, First Prize, 2021.01.
  • Hack! A Seven-Day Invasion Diary of Trojan Horse. “Pop-science and Sci-fiction Youth Star” Award from CSWA, 2020.11.
  • Stars on the Wrist. Science Fiction Cube, 2020.07.
  • A War without Smoke: the Evolution History of Hacker Empire. Science Fiction World, 2019.06.
  • A Man I Am, an Apology I Owe. Science Fiction Cube, 2018.12.
  • A Great Bird. Jiuzhou Future, 2017.01.