What’s new?

  • (2022.10) Our paper titled “Backdoor Attacks in the Supply Chain of Masked Image Modeling” is online. You can read it here!
  • (2022.07) I have successfully passed the Qualifying Exam!
  • (2022.05) My first long novel “Help! I fell into the computer” is now serialized in “Exploration Discovery”!
  • (2022.03) Our paper titled “On Xing Tian and the Perseverance of Anti-China Sentiment Online” got accepted in ICWSM 2022!
  • (2022.02) My novel “Empty Yellow Crane Tower Here” won EELISA Science Fiction Contest! [newslink]
  • (2021.04) I will be a Ph.D. Student at CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security!
  • (2021.01) My novel “Lady White Bone” won First Prize of the Ninth Light-year award. Thanks, Kedo! [newslink]
  • (2020.11) Our paper titled “Evil Under the Sun: Understanding and Discovering Attacks on Ethereum Decentralized Applications” got accepted in USENIX Security 2021!