[Competition Awards]

  • 2017 National First Prize, Intel National College Student Software Competition.
  • 2016 National Third Prize, Student Intelligent Internet Innovation Competition of China.
  • 2016 First Prize, Student Intelligent Internet Innovation Competition of SouthWest China.
  • 2017 Second Prize, Sichuan Undergraduate Computer Competition.
  • 2017 Bronze Award, “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurshio Competition of Sichuan Province.
  • 2017 First Price & Best Creativity Award, SAP-UESTC Innovative.Cloud Competition.
  • 2015-2019 Several awards of other competitions.

[Other Awards]

  • 2019 Outstanding Student of UESTC, The highest honor of UESTC and only 10 students among 5000+ undergraduates can be granted this honor each year.
  • 2018 “Comprehensive Quality A”, the highest quality authentication of students in Sichuan Province.
  • 2018 Top Intel® AI Student Ambassador.
  • 2018 Quarter Technical Article Impact Champion of Alibaba Security Department.
  • 2017 First Prize Scholarship of Powerful Generation of UESTC (0.1%)
  • 2015 National Excellent Volunteer at the 9th Paralympic Games of the People’s Republic of China.
  • 2015 Runner-up of Mixed Doubles in the Badminton Competition of UESTC.
  • 2015 Several Excellent Grants among innovation, leadership, study and extracurricular activities of UESTC.